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fixing speedo reading

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i have a ADM S14 s1 with a stock s14 gearbox and diff ratio of 4.083 with 17inch wheels


My speed reading is way off specially from 100+ speeds. doing 130kmph is roughly 110kmph real time, measured via GPS and driving next to a friend at the same speed to confirm


I have a s13 gearbox which i will be using instead when i replace the clutch because its a better condition gearbox then current box and i'll be upgrading to 4.1 diff ration cwp.


I have no idea how the speed is calculated in nissans, but will having a s13 gearbox with 4.1 diff ratio be better then my current setup? because i know s13 sr20det came out 4.083 and 4.1 isnt far from stock ratio


What is required to be changed/fix to have a more accurate speed reading?


again the end goal the car will have the s13 gearbox and 4.1 diff ratio

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S13 sensor reads double what a s14 does


Isnt there some dials at back od cluster for adjustment?

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This is what Locky is thinking of http://forums.nicocl...ny-t472168.html


Personally I bought this and spliced it in behind the dash, then adjusted it using GPS on the road. Jaycar make a kit too that will do it.

FYI, for that calibrator box, you don' t need to adjust the DIP switches at all, just leave them as is and adjust the trim pot.


PS, I used 4.3 diff gears

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