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Hey everyone!

I'm only new to the forum, signed up because I'm well and truly stuck.

I've searched online for hours or multiple forums to no avail, so I'm hoping some Silvia guru can help!


I've dropped a S15 SR20DET into my S13.

Everything is bolted up, just need to make some new intercooler pipes to fit.

My issue is with the wiring. I'm completely clueless; no idea where to start.

I have the S15 ECU and wiring loom, so the engine side of the wiring is done, easy.

It's the wiring to the S13 dash that has me stuck.

I can't even find any sort of diagrams to help me.

There doesn't seem to be much info out there regarding S15 engine's in S13's.

However, the guy I bought this S15 engine from had it running perfectly (dash and air con, etc included) in his S13.

Unfortunately he isn't very available to get information from.


Obviously, a step by step walk through would be amazing hahaha

But I understand people wouldn't have time to do that for me.

So any help would be useful!

Advice, pictures, links, anything!


I will post pictures of the build when it's finished ;)


I'll also gladly post any additional information or images if needed, just ask.


Thanks again in advance!

I've heard a lot of good things about this forum :)

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To get the thing running tis like 4 wires you have to match up/ run 2 to near the air box..


But if you want the dash to work 100% its a lot of looking up pinouts/FSM and matching the wires

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Awesome, thank you :)


Well getting it running is first priority, obviously.

Any idea what wires they are that need to be run to near the air box? And where they need to join to?

I've been searching for hours :'(

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Um its 2 on the one of the plugs ... Will get pics/ info tomorrow if I remember as a mate just wired up the baics to get mine running.


There is 2 wires that need to run to that plug in the engine body loom

2 from the ECU to the body loom under the glove box

Bridge the fuel pump relay near the battery as otherwise it wont get a signal to prime from the ECU (bridging it just means it runs whenever the key is turned to ON and doesnt stop after a few seconds of priming like factor, but still seems to work fine)

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Okay awesome :) Pics and information would be amazing!

I'll wait before I attempt anything, so I don't screw anything up.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Mine was a s14 a engine so pricipal the same but I would jsut check the wire colours


Both off the same plug in the bay is a red and black/red



goes to wires that on my s14 loom are pretty much the same



The what looks like orange/blue on the engine loom to orange the s13 body loom plug (think this one is the start signal ?)



Then bridging the fuel pump relay in the box near the battery

Like I said, dont treat this as gospel, as its hard to see and wasnt taking notes on what exactly we did at the time there was a lot of back and forth with pinout diagrams.

But the car starts and runs but none of your engine functions bar the ones that come off the gearbox/starter/alternator sub loom that plugs in the fuse box will work.


So no revs, temp sensor ect without more wiring to that body plug

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Did some searching and thought these might be heaplful as Im going trying to figure out how to get the cluster and consult plug working


If car was originally CA




If it was SR




Consult cable wire position




Also This is a guide, for me it wasnt 100% correct as I think its for a UK/CA spec car, but with cross referencing with the above charts everything seems to make sense. It also has pinouts for both s14/s14a/s15 ECu's which are handy to have all in one place





Hope this helps as this was a few hours worth of searching and cross referancing so hopefully it is reasonably accurate and at least all in the one place now

Edited by (Locky)

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You legend! haha thats way more than I could find.

I'll keep trying over the next few day/weeks haha not sure how long it'll take or if I'll even be able to do it.

Still looks fairly complicated!

I might have to get some friends to have a look and see if they can help too

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