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bloodzkull's wrangler

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- OME 3" springs with long travel Procomp 9000 shocks and adjustable in the rear

- 1” snake racing alloy body lift

- Heavy Duty tie rod

- Procomp Steering Stabilizer

- Sway bar disconnects front

-Extended swaybar links in rear

- Rubicon superflex – Uppers adjustable and lowers fixed ,Front

- Extended braided brake lines - front




- 33" Mickey thompson on black 15 x 8 rims

- SYE and HD Hardy spicer tail shaft

- New power steering box

- 4.11 Dana Ring and Pinion front and rear

- Front and rear airlockers

- extended bump stops front and rear




- Interior is in great condition always covered

- Hand throttle

- GME TX4000 UHF mounted in Overhead console

- Spare windows rear and side back seat

- custom rear drawers

- back seat

-door sill protectors





- ARB front winch bar with 9000 lb warn winch with in cab controller

- Custom made Rear bar

-Diff protector front

- Safari Snorkel

- 7” Rugged Ridge flares

- Custom Roof Rack

- Custom side steps

- Tow bar

-Dana spicer U bolt kit rear

-20 litre water tank mounted under vehicle with 12 volt water pump and tap




- Throttle body spacer inc bored throttle body

-K&N air filter

-Custom sump guard

-1" snake racing Engine lift

- dual battery system inc wiring for 12 volt fridge

-2 1/2 exhaust system


future plans


install vents on the bonnet cause it get stupid hot under there (motor isn't over heating though) find a thermo fan that will flow enough and build a proper shroud for it

apart from that it's nothing serious


just get out and wheel it as much as i can

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Nice dude. How much did the Rubicon setup increase the wheel track by? I've always been fond of the Wranglers, but in stock form they're such a piece of sh*t to drive due to their comparitively small wheel track given their lift.

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Not really a rubicon setup. But the extra track is really noticeable. More stable though with the short body it can still move around a lot on some slippery stuff.

Going out tomorrow for a decent wheel hopefully

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Great setup, that will go anywhere.


Great setup, that will go anywhere.

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Thanks. I was originally lookong for a stockish td42 gq patrol. But everything was either f**ked or super expensive. This popped up and I couldn't say no for the price I bargained him down to


Just trying to avoid relying on lockers etc and learn to wheel it properly

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