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Hong Kong/Macau/Beijing

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Hey all,


Going on holidays with the mrs in March next year to Beijing for 3nights, and Hong Kong for 5or 6 nights (day trips to Macau)..


Anyone know of any really good hotels on sale around this time, or have access to staff prices?


I've checked out wotif, booking.com, tripadviser, etc etc. I know all these sites have sales etc but I was wondering if anyone knew some super sale price or something for a great hotel..


Anyone here also recommend any hotels or recommend to stay away from?



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What did you end up finding to be the best deals?


How was the holiday in general?

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Don't go to Hong Kong / Macau in the (northern) summer so forget like now - monsoonal shit like 2 weeks ago when I was there. min 29 max 33 and raining 4 hours per day. And don't go in winter - December thru Jan it will snow in Beijing, shit on a cold year it will even do a little pissant "thredbo" snow in Shanghai .


I was there for work. Take my word for it.


March / April or September / October but then you have to dodge the "Golden Weeks". If you don't know, Google it.



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