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1jz gx81 mark ii

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So since ive got some actual motivation towards this car again, i figured i should make a build thread since ive actually started throwing some money at it.


Brought the car a few years ago as basicly a barley rolling shell with the intention of building a 'slowly' building a track car.

that slowly has been quite a few years -_-"


any who


At the moment the build list is

gx81 Converted 1j


Straight threw 3" exhaust

Emotion coil overs

BA brake upgrade with r33 calipers

Sparco fixed back seat

Bolt in half cage

X7 Steering rack

oil cooler

Final konexion kit

Not sure what wheels exactly, when i went to buy them the picture was really bad but looked like volk gt-p, evidently they arn't but look very similar and just as aweome imo, 17x9 up front with 215 40 17 rsrs and 17x10 235 45 17 achelies.



An old pic of when i barley had it running and added the kit and gave it a coat of paint.



As it sits now





Recently (in the last month lol) ive had heaps of motivation towards it and have started spending heaps of coin on it to get it to where i want it.

Recently brought

50mm alloy rad

2j water pump and backing

jzx100 rear discs

r32 rear calipers

r154 rebuild kit, new bearings, synchros and selector forks

trust td06 - 25g 8 cm turbo kit

Stainless maifold

hks 4 bolt gate

golbey parts billet water pump pulley

serial 9 rear adjustable arm set

xm lca (50mm longer)

xm castor rods

xm rose jointed tie rod ends

xm zero ackermen steering arms

xm sway bar linkages

xm engine brakets and urethane mounts

xm gear box bracket and urethane mounts

xm RCA

xm rear spherical bearings.

Billet fuel rail

seimens 650 cc injectors


I brought the brackets because im not exactly sure what backet im using on the r154 but its shit house doesnt fit up 100%

and im using jzx90 engine brackets, which dont work either they cock the motor to one side, it is only by a little bit, but it does my ocd face in






all of these parts are sitting at home and im working in sydney atm....

cant wait to get home to fit these things hopefully i can find some time before wtac to spend on her

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f**k yes! All of this is awesome! Apart from the kit isn't to my taste but can't win em all. Wheels are possibly sterns

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Yeah im the biggest fan of the kit, i dont mind the skirts and the rear bar.


Rear bars in 3 pieces now... Long story short the car came up to mackay qld with me for a year and a took it to a drift day, the people running it thought it would be a good idea to run tyres along the ripple strips on a small go kart track?

Either way just tagged one on the rear and snapped it into 3.


easy come easy go


Sterns hmm id be actually interested to know exactly what they are, i really like them, cant complain either for 300 bucks lol

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faaaaaaark yeh sick as man, that rear bar is hideous though

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Volk GT-P?

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Nah they definatly are not gtps.


Cosmeticly they arnt to many option for the x8 though. Well easily available.i dont mind the way it is atm so ill just leave it till its in five million pieces.


Good news though.

Some sprinkler fitter f**ked up and flooded my site.

So I will be flying home tonight/tomnorrow for a few days.


Finnaly be able to fit these parts


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So i only got to work on her a couple hours today.

Went driving around to a few shops looking for hand brake shoes for the rear jzx100 conversion and rack ends, no one seemed to stock them. So ive ordered two drivers side ones, hope fully they will be in tommorrow.

cant wait to f**k off that ugly ass steering dampener spacer in between the left hand rack end.

I Did manage to pick up my r154 rebuild kit and my fuel rail w/injecotors. So that was a bonus.



Managed to get the lcas, rca and half the castor arms in.

Definalty going to need to be fine tuned to get right.


the lca's are 50mm longer than the normal stock length xm lcas as well, so this was the out come with the camber hats maxed out with the same spacers (25mm bolt on with a 3mm slipon) that was needed with the stock arms.


im fairly sure now with the extra length on the lcas i can completly remove the spacers and everything should be fine.


ill have another crack tommorrow.

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Just picked these bad boys up tonight


Complete s9 rear end adjustable arms.


Well worth the wait from canada

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Got called back to sydney today ffs so didnt get ro work on the car any more.


But I did figure that ill have to cut and shut the gaurds to fit the wheels now and my rear hub bearings are finished.


spewing I wont get any time for the next month or so to work on it.


Just keep buying parts till then lol


Hopefully source a yamaga wing as well

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Ha totally stoked right now.

Brought a factory rear roof spoiler/shade off yahoo auctions

And a frp yamaha wing.


Fkn over the moon right now. IVe searched for ages for the wing, granted it is a copy but none the less awesome.


Cant wait to get back to melb in two weeks so I can have a solid week of fitting all my shit.


Turbo kit should be there by then as well




Not to sure which way I should go with the ecu though.


In terms of weather I slap it all together and f8x the wiring thats in it to suit.


or rip it all out and start from scratch.

I spoke to haltech at wtac and for what I want ps2000, iq3 dash and smart wire is ~6k. fairly big outlay.


unsure if I ahould go down that route.

but fk it woukd be cool


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ms3x + pay someone to assemble it (not too much)... top shelf ECU (flex, closed-loop everything, any other modern feature you can think of) for around $650+ assembly...


or ms3pro for... $1200ish?


also if you want a cheap coilpack upgrade, look at my thread in the fabrication section :P

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Im more than likley going to go the haltech and get status tuning to give her some life.


I was more reffering to the dash and the smart wire.


I have seen other stand alone wriing kits with 24 button switch pannel, programable for alot less than the smart wire. But the smart wire was a fk load neater lol.


And as for the dash its like do buy a conpletet data logger dash or do I just buy indervidual gauges and make a dash.


depends on how far I want to go really.


At the moment id be stoked just to get the car to an event with 250+rwks with no issues



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An alternative to the smart wire.

I pesonaly preffer rhe asthetics of this over the smart wire.

but not as clean and simple.

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ms3x can run any CAN dash...


Yeah the only time I could imagine wanting smart wire, haltech and the dash all in the same car would be if I didn't have to pay for any of it... all those items are really expensive for the value they offer you. Wiring will only be as neat as you design it to be, regardless of how much you spend on the relay box.


I recommend the megasquirt because it has all the features at a realistic price. Anyone can tune it and you'll never be out of date; firmware releases happen every month, same for the tuning software. I dunno, I just can't wrap my head around people buying all these overpriced ECU's. Anyway, my 1J is running full standalone, closed-loop boost/idle/EGO, datalogging, long-term-trim... all the protection I could ask for; programmable anything (outputs/inputs spare), traction/launch control if I bother wiring it up. Pretty much everything you'd want for a track car. TOTAL cost for ECU/ignition system to handle as much power as a 1J can make was about $1100 ($700(ECU), $200(wiring), $200(coilpacks)). Most people would spend twice that on just the ECU or just the coilpacks. Currently ~240rwkw @ 13ish psi, ready to go back to the dyno to finish tuning (my coilpacks were breaking down under correct advance or more boost).. should be seeing 300-350kw.. turbo is a cheapo hypergear ATR43.


sorry for rant, just the way it is :P

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Yeah im aware of that.


Im pretty swt on the haltech as the ecu.

Just unsure if I should spend another 4k on sruff I have other options for.

Or spend it once and have a top of the line setup for any car.


Thats where im in two minds

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My trust td06h25g package rocked up yesterday.


the old man reckons its coated in oil, compressor wheel is dead and the manifold has been elongated around the stud holes with dodgy welds every where.


So i havnt seen this yet and going off what he says ive ordered a rebuild kit and a new front wheel.

Wont hurt at all to put a new set of bushs /rings in it any way.


Kinda pissed about the manifold though, i guess you get what you pay for, was relatively cheap i guess.

ill see if i can re tig the welds up when i get home

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Have purchased quite a few goodies.

ill post pics when I oick them uo =D

made a list off the topp off my head of what needs to be done.

looks like a drainer allready


remove abs.

install rear hubs and studs

install front susoension

install rear arma

install r32 rear brakes

install bride seats

install harnesses

install ecu

install injectors

install radiator

install water pump

buy new battery

dry ice sound deadening

re wire power to battery

rebuild turbo

fix manifold

buy gate

buy rack boots

buy rack ends

install turbo

fix steering rack bushes.

make bead roller

cooler piping to suit new turbo

make down pipe

get new alternator

get new washers for steering column

buy dash

rebuild r15

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Little update of the parts ive brought and picked up, ready for me to work on tommorrow night for the first time in weeks.








Gonna strip the turbo down tonight and have mtq balance it tommorrow with the new comp wheel


The Billet drift motion forks look fkn awesome to

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Hope you're not installing that microtech! T_T Dunno maybe your luck will be different but the microtech was so shit it inspired me to search for the best ECU, where I came across the megasquirt, which was why i was harping on about it earlier... because the microtech was so shit! lol


Nar good luck either way... I wont pester about it any more! Just happy to see another car built, regardless of the ecu :P

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It wasnt my first prefference but it was certainly the easiest atm.

Its virtuallyt plug and play with my settup.


Ill see how i go though, if it does end up causing issue ill certainly go another route)


So finished off installing the xm gear in the front, im not overally happy with it, the rose joint is maxed out.


And because i got 50mm longer arms, the rack end extentions arnt long enough now, kinda dissapointed that xm didnt point that out after buying 3k worth of shit off them, but not to worry, ill machine some 50mm extentions up tommorrow night to compensate for them.


Lowered the shit out of the front of my car to get the tie rod to work, was way to low but i did get to flare my gaurds.

Funny thing was i knew there was bog there, just not this much lol






I pulled out so much bog from just the drivers side



I managed to get out all the rear arms, ready for the s9 gear, i need to change the hubs and bearings as these ones are f**ked but i forgot my bearing puller.

I also too out the Rad, hydro fan and reservoir, I went to change the water pump over... but again forgot my bearing puller at home



Brought a new Serpentine belt to suit the new pulley for the water pump.

Need to goto a few stores tommorow and suss out 12" thermos, i have to work out which have the best cfm. Hopefully can find some nice looking thin ones as

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Hope you're not installing that microtech!

It runs the engine what more does it have to do?

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Never had a problem with mine, smooth as eggs too. I don't get why people bag them out, yeah they don't have all the flashy features but they still do the job, especially for a track car.

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It was running fine in a 1j cressida before this so.


Like I said its not my firat prefferance but I dont have alot of time on my hands to build/Wire custom things.

So atm plug and play items will allways be my ultimate choice.


It has a can outout and runs a 1j. Thats all I need right now

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Yeah I dunno I was in EXACTLY the same position as you were; building the car, needed it running, short on cash. Went with the microtech. It was a huge waste of time and money in the end... Unless you got the microtech for free and the car will only ever see the track, then it's ok. Yeah the microtech ran my engine and it made good power on the dyno. Problem is it ran like shit. I didn't realise it was shit until I saw how other 1j's of a similar setup ran. Put the megasquirt on (which only cost like $600 for the ECU itself), once that was running the difference was insane. Night and day. I had responsiveness, more power, more reliability. That's why I keep going on about it, because I've had the microtech; it went through 2 tuners, neither of them made it run well... Ok yeah it ran well as in wide open throttle it would lay down power. But it wasn't responsive, wasn't streetable and had to run really high boost to make those power figures. Made same power with 7psi less boost running the megasquirt lol.

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Im not short on cash i am short on time.


I work intestate 9 months of the year.

So finding a balance of when I get back of friends/family/car is a hard task.


so ill see how this goes.

has to be better than a pfc in every aspect... which is pnp. Other wise I would have opted for the haltech with out blinking an eye.


I wasnt saying that the haltech was expensive I was saying for the ps2000 the smart wire and iq3 logger was an expense maybe I dont need to spend?




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lol if i knew your options were haltech, microtech and PFC, your primary goal was to save time and cash wasn't a problem then I'd say that PFC smashes the others in those regards... it's an average ECU but far better than the microtech, especially when something goes wrong. You'd go with Haltech if you really wanted to throw cash away and you'd pay someone else to get it all figured out.


man i f**king hate microtechs ~_~ can't believe people buy such a piece of shit at their price point... btw if you're wondering why there's such a nutjob in your thread who seems to care so much about ECUs it's because my field is mechatronic engineering and i'm pretty passionate about remote/automatic control and an ECU was something I was designing for awhile; i've dissected many of the ECUs out there (not just the hardware but their control strategies too)... some are good, some are utter trash.

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How does 1990s technology smash the microtech i brought? i doubt that.

But in saying that though, i was close to buying one, way i see it is, the nicrotech saves me even more time.

I dont have to fix any of the wiring that is the usual dead plugs, i dont have to wire in gauge/nor make a dash pannel it just does it all for me.

It was also a good price, so itll do for the moment.


I can clearly see you hate microtechs but either way i brought it and im gonna give it a crack.

worst case i sell it and upgrade,


Todays update.

Couldnt find any hex to machine up some new tie rod extentions, so ill call a few stores tommorrow.

Brought 2 x 12" aeromotive thermos, they push 1400cfm as opposed to davis craig; 1040cfm, Not only that theyre about half the price of a davis craig thermo, so that was pretty much a no brainer there.

Installed longer studs.

Installed s9 arms

Installed jzx100 brakes

installed r33 rear calipers, ill goto nordons tommorow and ill get some braid to make some hoses up, i dont need to, but since the front is done i thought id do the same.








happy with how its comming along so far.

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