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Hey guys, DR1F7 K1NG here. I wanted to share with you all some pictures of my ride, a custom S13 Silvia, with an SR20DE engine. It's had dozens of mods designed to create the ultimate drifting experience. First thing's first, let's take a look at the body. Here are some general shots of the body:










Unfortunately I've managed to drift so hard a lot of the paint has literally lifted off the body. I'm going to do a re-paint with some heavier paint that won't just fly off every time I pull a few Gs going into a corner. Drifting too hard has also cracked the frame, as shown in this picture:




Here's a nice quick mod I added earlier today; it's a "Slide" sticker that shows people what direction my car moves in (it also adds 50hp, lol):





Now when you're drifting hard like I do, you often need some inspirational music to keep your head on straight, which is why you need a supreme sound system. Take a look at this:





Logitech X-530 5.1 surround system. Not really recommended for cars, but the DR1F7 K1NG does not bow to such limitations. Unfortunately the outer casing couldn't withstand a single week of a Perth spring without melting. See below:






But I just removed it and it looks pretty sweet:





I'm trying to deduce what happened to the side indicator lens. My leading theory is that it just couldn't handle the Gs I put it through on the track. My secondary theory is that I left it parked in Balga overnight:




The key to good drifting is the ability to control traction while you drive. Nothing does this better than the stock wheels:




Some custom rims may look nice, but if you want real performance, follow in the footsteps of the DR1F7 K1NG. As those of you with a background in chemistry would know, chemical reaction rates tend to be accelerated by high temperatures. With all the work these brake rotors have had to do on the track, it's amazing they're in the shape they're in:





I heard about this great new material from a friend called carbon plywood. I've removed the inferior steel spoiler, and am having a custom one smithed out of carbon plywood. In this photo you can see where I've marked the dimensions with electrical tape:




The antenna has been removed to lower wind resistance. On the track I usually leave the hole exposed, to act as a speed hole, but it's been raining over the past few days, so I've had to tape it up for everyday driving purposes:





This is a JDM sunshade I had imported:




Yesterday I dropped my keys down that hole thingy on the dashboard, and had to take some drastic measures to retrieve them:




I figure I'll use some of that stuff that Mexicans put on their cars to make them look shiny to seal it up, along with all the cracks.in the dashboard. Speaking of which, does anybody else with an S13 have this problem? Look how bad it is on mine:




I've been going at it hard with the mods. Today I put in an engine start button. Here are some work-in-progress photos:






After finishing and cleaning up:





Now you may have noticed, if you were looking closely, that my car is an automatic. I made the switch a few years ago, and I've never looked back. When you reach a certain level of driftsperience such as I have achieved, a manual gearbox makes things too easy. I wanted to challenge myself, so I relinquished control of the output torque to the judgement of some complicated mechanisms. If you were a real man, you'd stop taking the coward's way out and drift in an automatic. I don't even have a dift button on my handbrake, but I make it work.


I also stuck in a DVD player. I felt it was necessary because I sometimes get so bored when drifting, because it's so natural to me, that I need something to keep my mind occupied while I'm doing my flawless drifts. I tried solving a Rubik's cube while drifting, but even someone as godly at drifting as me needs to keep at least one hand on the wheel. Here's the DVD head unit:




Now let's take a look under the hood. Those of you with keen eyes will notice the brilliance eminating from this engine bay. Between the five hours it took to assemble in the factory and all the time I've personally invested into it, I'd say it's had a good five hours of work. 2L NA SR20 engine:





Turbos are for chumps.




Admire these properties. This baby has fuel injection:




And windex:




Two parts windex, one part water. A recipe for victory.


Power windows:




Rear ashtray (which I'm told is a rarity):




And of course, fuel injection means a throttle body. Just cleaned this last week, and now it runs like a dream:




And an instrument cluster:




Less than half a tank. I could afford a full tank, but I keep it running low to reduce the weight.


JDM floor mats:




This was filthy when I bought it, but after some TLC it's looking mint.


Stock exhaust:




It's lighter and therefore better than any of your aftermarket exhaust systems. I'm not even weighed down by a catalytic converter.


And of course, I have not one but two camshafts:




Four cylinders, four valves per cylinder makes a grand total of sixteen valves. That's right, sixteen. Beat that.


The rocker cover gasket might need replacing. Does anybody want to give their opinion on that? Here's a photo for reference:




It's not a great angle, but I couldn't get my camera in there.


And don't be fooled by Chinese rip-offs. Though their alphabets look similar, this one is authentic JDM, as verified by Google Translate:




I'm a bit worried about the struts, but suspension isn't going to last very long when you drive the way I do. Plus it weighs me down:




Battery terminals are clean as a whistle:




And yes, these are the original battery leads.


I have an extra heavy duty crankshaft in my engine, and sometimes starting can be a bit too much for the car's built-in battery to cope with. But there's an eeasy fix for that:




If there's anything else you guys are curous about, let me know and I'll try to get you a picture.

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Pic's of this said Drift thing? no one here has heard of it

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I know its meant to be funny but i was more sad then anything. Fix it, dont molest it.

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NS needed come comedy relief haha thanks


Keep up the great work DK

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First thing you must do is put a quad throttle body on, nothing looks better on a N/A then a quad throttle body :naughty:

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