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chris convertible

Wheels, Tyres and suspension needed

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How's the engine swap going Chris?

I would recommend doing as much as you can while the engine is out to save overall effort if you end up doing the same stuff with more difficulty later with the engine in.

It will be expensive tho. But a new turbo and tune etc would give some great results.

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Getting there. I have the old engine out, The inlet and outlet stuff off. I spent the day cleaning all the nuts and bolts, brackets etc. that came off the engine. Current issues I have are;


1, the new engine doesn't have the water outlets for the oil cooler, not sure how to get the bottom radiator pipe off the engine and swap it so i can keep my oil cooler.

2, GCG sent me a GT2560 instead of a GT2554 and the compressor inlet is 63mm on it instead of 57mm. Sounds like a good turbo so plan to ring them tomorrow to ask them about it,

3, thinking of replacing the power steering hoses while the engine is out. Trying to make up m mind whether to wait weeks and weeks to see if Nissan can supply them or just get Enzed to make up some hoses. Same with fuel hoses and all the other hoses apart from the 11 water hoses that were just replaced.


Doubt I will make Marques in the park but would still like to if possible.




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