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Adjust Idle CA18DET

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This is a simple one, but I don't know much so it helped me.

Member Niscort provided most of the info


Adjust Idle CA18det.doc


Adjust Throttle on CA18DET


This is what the manual says:

While the car is running and after it has warmed up:



The A.A.C valve is: an electronic controlled solenoid that adjusts the idle due to the load on the engine. so by unpluggin it you can set your base idle.


Here is another look as to where the idle screw is, its hex shaped:



I found that I had to screw it out quite a bit out and then screw it back in, I’m guessing that my idle assembly is pretty dirty. During this time of screwing out and in the idle was hovering between 600 and 1200, I found a good idle at about 875. Upon replugging in the AAC it immediately shot up to 1100 however on the following restart it was spot on 900 and has been good ever since. I’m assuming the AAC adds about 50 when it is plugged in.


Member Niscort added that:

If you continue to have issues, it may be worthwhile pulling the whole aac valve and idle unit off the intake manifold and giving it a good clean as it can be a build up of gunk causing your drop in idle rpm.


Info thanks for Niscort

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